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“Never apologize for wanting to do great work, having a good work ethic, and wanting to achieve your goals.”

-Connie Amos-Parsons; “How Did I Change My Life Today” 2019; p. 31

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Peaks, Valleys and Overcoming The Odds

“Peaks, Valleys and Overcoming the Odds: Stepping Out On Faith and Confidence” was published Nov 2017, and is Connie’s first book-a dream deferred 15 years. It’s about her life story, inspiration, motivation, survival, overcoming the odds, focus, hope, and determination, despite her circumstances. Her determination and drive for success and her strong faith and belief in God emanates in every page of the book. In addition, she has even included wedding planning tips! This book was written in 19 days and was released 72 days after starting. Her book already has received several 5 star reviews on Amazon!

The first book signing party was January 28, 2018 after the 11AM services at her church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Alexandria VA.  A dream realized! A vision achieved!

The Facebook link for this book can be found here!

Available At: Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, Thriftbooks

“How Did I Change My Life Today? 8 Steps To Success!”

Her second book, “How Did I Change My Life Today? 8 Steps to Success,” was published January 2019, and is a Journal/Workbook to accompany the first book, and helps you to Set Goals, Focus and Succeed. This book has sold out before and is available for preorder today!

What Her Readers Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Beautiful testimony of Connie overcoming her obstacles in life. She is a beautiful woman of God and has pressed on with God and not letting man & life’s obstacles interfere with what God placed in her life. A must read for everyone-short and to the point. She is an successful business woman, author, speaker, great example for today’s woman of God.

Peggy C. Slagter
Purchased “Peaks, Valleys, and Overcoming The Odds” On Amazon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book was amazing! I wish it was longer! I really enjoyed this journey of Connie’s life story. I’d read it again and again and I’m adding it to my reading list for home-schoolers.

Robert Theresa-Lewis
Purchased “Peaks, Valleys, and Overcoming The Odds” On Amazon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

WOW!!! What a wonderful testimony to be able to move on and become successful after an abusive marriage! Not only should this book be read by adults, but it should be put in high schools or Jr. high schools for students to read and discuss before dating. It is clearly an eye opener. Highly recommended!

Ruby Osia
Purchased “Peaks, Valleys, and Overcoming The Odds” On Amazon

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