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From helping develop and manage teams to executing successful events, Connie Amos-Parsons has developed and crafted her career to assist others to explore and enhance their lives by pursuing their dreams.  Her passion is evident in her plethora of endeavors from early in her career to today. 

Let’s start at the beginning. Connie Amos-Parsons is the Founder, Owner and CEO of At Your Service Events Planner, LLC. Her love and passion for planning weddings and events started with her first 500 guest wedding for a friend in Detroit, MI.  She even planned her own wedding, volunteered at her churches in Alexandria, VA and Detroit, and did corporate and social events as a volunteer when she worked for the Federal government as a Project Manager.  

This expertise benefited her tremendously while starting her own business in 2007. Since then, she has risen through the ranks and is now an Accredited Wedding Planner and Silver Certified Sandals Specialist! Her interpersonal skills are superb and showcase her impeccable professionalism, openness and drive to expand her knowledge and help others do the same.

In November 2017, she wrote her first book “Peaks, Valleys & Overcoming The Odds: Stepping Out On Faith And Confidence”, which is a highly-impactful, inspirational and motivational autobiography. It also contains chapters on wedding planning and small business tips. Her second book, “How Did I Change My Life Today: 8 Steps to Success”, was published Jan 2019, and is a Journal/Workbook to accompany the first book, and helps you to set goals, focus and succeed on your path.

Connie has spoken globally on webinars, Zoom video and Facebook Live. The GPS Podcast with Fortune 100 Speaker Christopher Kai that she was featured on reached an audience of over 50,000 in 30+ countries and 6 continents! In addition, she has shared her expertise at conferences to audiences on Business Growth, Leadership, Motivation, and Empowerment. 

Her repertoire of knowledge has even expanded to educating others through classes on “How To Start A Business” and “How To Write A Business Plan.” She is currently studying to receive her MBA in Business Administration at the Jack Welch Management Institute, where, after she graduates, she plans to help small businesses and corporations grow and scale their businesses and be a problem solver.

With Connie in your corner, you can bet that your dreams will be honed in on-and if they are already honed in on, they will be amplified and magnified. She wants nothing more but to help each of her clients become the best version of themselves and to live their most fulfilling life. Each of us has a purpose and a walk designed just for us-even if it may not seem like it right now. Let Connie help you get out of your own way and walk in your purpose today!

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