Super Moms! How To Live A Balanced Lifestyle

Time Management is the Key!

Let’s talk about Time Management and how to balance work, family and your personal life. I’ve seen a lot of posts about women today going to college or grad school, working and having a career, married or single and raising children.

How do you balance it all and still have time for self care?

One of the things I did when in that situation, was to unplug from TV and my social life. I had only one day a week that I watched TV and seldom went out to a club or even dinner. That was when I was in grad school, was married, worked a stressful job in the Federal Government and traveled a lot for business. I also volunteered in my church. I made it work and sacrificed for 2 years to get my Master’s. In undergrad, the difference was I had 2 children, so it was doubly hard.

You have to choose what’s more important—your future or your social life. You only have 24 hours in a day and you have to be vigilant in managing your time and scheduling activities. My reply to women who have a difficult time with juggling your business/career family and school, is to remind yourself what’s important for your future and family and reduce your social life and social media for your goals. It’s a sacrifice- Yes, but it pays off for the long term.

Don’t forget to schedule in your self care too because you don’t want to get sick or burn out. Scheduling time management and focusing on your goals are keys to your balanced life.

#TimeManagement #Scheduling #Focus #GoalSetting

-Connie Amos-Parsons, Owner/CEO

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