Alleviating Stress, Timing & Budgeting!

February 23, 2020

Hello family! Just checking in to let you know things are going smoothly and on time for my next big event. It’s the 2nd Phenomenal Women Walking in Our Purpose Conference, March 14th, and I’m the Creator, Sponsor, Organizer, and Co-Host.

What’s the difference between last year, at this time, and this year?

I’m not stressed, because I do Lessons Learned from every project.

So, I’m listing a few tips I’ve used to help alleviate stress, be on time, and on budget, shown below: (Technical info not included.)

1. Start Early-a year out!

2. Hire a great team, who you’ve already worked with.

3. Outsource tasks that you can’t do or are not your strengths.

4. Create an estimated budget based on the event you did last year.

5. Stick to your budget and if you absolutely need to increase it make sure you get buy-in from your stakeholders. (I’m my own boss, so I find other ways to make it work!)

6. Find less expensive, but nice items for decor and attendees gifts.

7. Write Lessons Learned, What Went Well, and What Needs To Be Improved or Deleted for the next event.

8. Go over Lessons Leearned and assess it with your team.

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