Meet Connie!

Connie is a successful CEO & Business Owner, Global Speaker, Award-Winning Author, and a Highly-Recommended Educator on a mission to help you create and live your best life. Her experience with her own company, At Your Service Events Planner, LLC, versatile professional experience and educational background have prepared her for the next step in her professional journey. She would love to have you along for the ride!

Connie’s Expertise:

  • Business, Leadership, Empowerment, & Motivation
  • Self-Confidence
  • Entrepreneurship & Goal Setting
  • Identifying Obstacles & Attaining Success
  • Time Management & Achieving Work/Life Balance
  • How To Grow & Scale Businesses & More!

Why Connie?

I am a former Project Manager PMP, an innovator, a leader, a problem solver, results-oriented, authentic, candid, confident, passionate, energetic and have integrity.

Top Business Mottos:

  • Do business with a positive attitude; Be caring and professional at all times.
  • Always leave a good impression.
  • People remember you for the way you treat them.
  • It’s genuine relationships and customer service that make co-partnerships repeat clients, referrals, and great reviews!

Global Keynote Speaker

Connie encourages her clients to embrace their dreams and inspires endlessly with her vibrant personality, genuine positivity, strong work ethic and steadfast faith. Her passion for living her best life and desire to help you do the same is evident in her consistent drive to provide top-notch knowledge based on years of knowledge and experience in the field.

Award-Winning Author

Stemming from trials and tribulations in her own life, Connie’s books inspire you to embrace change, empower yourself, and overcome the seemingly impossible to conquer challenges in so many aspects of life. Let’s learn and discover together in this divine and destined journey!

Passionate Educator

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From providing knowledge on how to manage teams to developing a business plan, Connie can help shape your professional life to be as fulfilling as you have ever dreamed-as long as you put in the work!


I am absolutely amazed at the level of detail and professionalism! I know I’m in good hands with Connie and her team. Thank you for all you do!

Ashley. L, Client

Many thanks to Ms. Connie and staff for your creative talent and professionalism. We will DEFINITELY call upon you again!

Morgan T., Client

She took charge and never looked back. Although it is sometimes difficult to get 15 professionals heading in the same direction, she never let that sway her. She had a mission and she stayed the course.

Annette T., Client

It is so rare and welcome to come across a service provider with such integrity, who really keeps things in perspective, understands good manners, and puts people first.

Eve S., Client

Connie Amos-Parsons was my instructor for “Fine Tuning Your Entrepreneurial Skills.” She is an excellent instructor and is very informative. Connie has a wealth of knowledge about event planning. She has a passion for wedding planning. After completing her class I am looking forward to becoming an ABC member!

Janice R., Student

“You have a presence about your personality that cannot be taught. It is a reflection of your positive, loving embrace of life and others.”

David T., Instructor; Jack Welch Institute


Connie Amos-Parsons is a global speaker, author and education extraordinaire here to guide you in your pursuit of excellence and happiness in all things business, personal growth, leadership, empowerment and how to overcome obstacles to achieve success.

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